Muzzle Blasts Magazine

The Oldest and Best Muzzleloading, Traditional craft, and Living History Magazine.

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An Original NMLRA Publication

Muzzle Blasts is the Original MuzzleLoading, Traditional craft, and Living History Magazine. Delivered to your door or email every month, each issue is packed with content about muzzleloader shooting sports, living history, traditional craft, tutorials, stories and accoutrements.

There’s a reason we’ve been publishing every month since 1930.

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included with your NMLRA Membership

Whether you love the feel of paper in your fingers, or prefer to read on your digital device, Muzzle Blasts has a format for you. Our Heritage Membership ($50 Annually) guarantees a physical magazine makes it to your door each month, while our Digital Membership slides the same magazine plus interactive digital content into your email.

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Variety from the firing line to the magazine

Members love the variety of the Walter Cline Range at NMLRA Headquarters, so we strive to bring that same variety to our magazine each month. No matter your interest, Muzzle Blasts has articles and promotions you won’t see anywhere else.