Sunday from the 2019 National Championships at the NMLRA

We had another wonderful day here at the 2019 National Championships. The weather was slightly cloudy with sun all day. A slight breeze kept attendees cool, but was not enough to affect the marksmen on the line.

Today was a wonderful day for catching up with several pieces of living NMLRA history.

The NMLRA Media team worked with families and friends of several 95 year old members who have been around for many years to sit down and document some of their history here at the range.

The Pole Cat Porter exhibit in the Rand House Museum has been very well received by our attendees, we are excited to be sharing in the near future.

Saturday from the 2019 NMLRA National Championships!

We had a hustling first Saturday here at the 2019 National Championships! Traffic was backed up on 62, we heard reports it took 2 hours to get through the tiny town of Friendship, Indiana this afternoon.

Shooters, craftsmen, and living history reenactors filled the NMLRA grounds today to share the history and hobbies we all love.

Friday from the 2019 National Championships!

We’re excited to see the grounds filling up with camps, marksmen, families and craftsmen today. NMLRA Media spent some time walking through the living history grounds this afternoon.

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All Rifles 1,000 Yard Match!


The 2019 National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) All 1,000 yards Black Powder Target Rifle Match will be held at Camp Atterbury, IN., on 14-15 September 2019.

Shooting is at 1,000 yards. Permitted rifles: Any safe original or reproduction traditional muzzle loading style of firearms fired from the shoulder in the mid - late 1800’s era of International Rifle Matches or breech loading single shot rifle chambered in an original black powder cartridge.

Targets are 6’ high by 10’ wide. New NMLRA records will be established for these size targets for both muzzle loading and cartridge rifles.

New to the NMLRA- NMLRA Throwback Thursday!

We love history at the NMLRA, and as part of our renewed online efforts we want to give you a chance to share you favorite NMLRA memories with all our members and fans!


The NMLRA Media team will be following the hashtag #NMLRATBT to keep an eye out for your photos, but you can always email us directly at Please include your favorite photos, the dates they were taken and a short story about the photo or a memory from an NMLRA event.