Welcome to the NMLRA

Member Benefits

Members may shoot at The Walter Cline National Range in Friendship, Indiana – whether for a day, a weekend, or longer. Reasonably-priced camping facilities are available at the range. The range supports all forms of muzzleloading shooting, from long-distance slug-gun shooting to silhouette targets to trap and skeet shooting and everything between.

Members of the NMLRA receive Muzzle Blasts, the premier monthly magazine devoted to all aspects of the muzzleloading sport. It’s filled with informative articles on target shooting, hunting, collecting, history, gun building and other how-to projects, period camping and scouting, and much more.

The NMLRA works with Powder Manufacturers to purchase Black Powder in bulk. This gives NMLRA Members a big discount on blackpowder over purchasing through retailers.

To see the Blackpowder offered to NMLRA Members, click here

The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation sponsors national rendezvous throughout the United States, and a valid NMLRA membership card nets you a $10 discount for attendance. NRLHF rendezvous are the best. The Association supports these rendezvous through free advertising and other promotion in the pages of Muzzle Blasts.

With your NMLRA membership card, you are eligible to participate in two national championship matches in centrally located Friendship, Indiana. These two events bring thousands of like-minded people together to enjoy shooting, shopping, and camaraderie.


Other Benefits

Access to NMlRA Grounds

Camping – Your valid NMLRA membership card gives you access to a full-facility campground in southeastern Indiana, complete with showers and electrical hookups – all for a price much lower than even state-run campgrounds.

Ranges -- Shoot all you want with unlimited access to our 500 yard firing line, woods walk, quail walk, silhouette line and more

Hunting – Combined with a valid Indiana hunting license, your NMLRA membership card gives you in-season black powder hunting on five-hundred acres of prime southeastern Indiana land owned by your Association. A permit is required for hunting on NMLRA land; hunters can request one in the main office during business hours.

Youth Shooting Sports

Scholarship Program – The NMLRA sponsors a scholarship program for its members and their dependents. Each year up to two scholarships of $1000 each will be awarded. Contact the NMLRA national office to obtain an application form..

Beginner’s Bench – NMLRA members who attend the National Shoots can invite their children, grandchildren, or novice friends to the NMLRA Beginner’s Bench. At no cost, a qualified individual will help the new shooter safely load and shoot a muzzleloading firearm.

National Youth Shoot– The NMLRA sponsors activities geared toward young shooters. These include the National Youth Shoot, special matches held at the Youth Range during the National Shoots, and the NMLRA Invitational Championship for 4-H Shooting Sports Members. The purpose of the program is to introduce young people to various shooting disciplines in a safe, fun, relaxed atmosphere.


NMLRA Museum – Members enjoy access to the NMLRA’s extensive, regularly updated library and museum for research and study. Members can find information about almost anything related to the muzzleloading field, and can see fascinating exhibits at the NMLRA Museum and Library. Located in the national office complex, the museum is open only during the national shoots.

Gunsmithing Seminar – Members may choose to attend the NMLRA’s world-renowned annual Gunsmith Seminar. This is an opportunity to receive hands-on instruction and attend demonstrations by some of the most widely known and talented gunsmiths in the world.

NMLRA Education Program– Members of the NMLRA can take advantage of the association’s Muzzleloading Education Program to become trained NMLRA Muzzleloading Education Instructors and Trainers. This benefits many hometown clubs.

Traditional Craft Classes – NMLRA members have first access to our yearly schedule of classes.


National Championships – The premiere 10 day championship event held each year in September.

National Shoots– Held in June each year, our National Shoots are 10 days packed with Muzzleloading, classes, lectures, archery, living history and more.

Youth Shoot – A Weekend long event focusing on children, young adults, and some friendly competition.

Black Powder Cartridge Nationals – Weekend events through the year focusing on Long Range & Silhouette shooting using Black Powder Cartridge Rifles

Women’s Weekend - A two day event focusing on all our female competitors.

Territorials – If Friendship, Indiana is too far for you, our charter clubs host Territorial matches all over the country!

Rendezvous – If shooting sports isn’t your thing, the NMLRA sponsors a host of Living history events all over the country.

Range Officer Training

Be a Part of Range Safety – NMLRA Range officers help us staff the firing lines during shoots to ensure a safe sporting environment

Free Classes – There is no charge to be a range officer, you just need to pass the exam

In Friendship, or at Home – Our Range Officer Program trains you on situations that can be applied at the Walter Cline Range, or your home club.

Low Hours – Don’t want to give up your shooting time? You only have to work 8 hours in 2 years!

Online Communities

Let us do the hunting – The NMLRA Media Team works hard to share all the best Living History and Muzzleloading information from the web with our members.

The Range From Home – With our growing facebook groups, the conversation doesn’t have to start and stop at the range! Keep in touch, ask questions, and learn every day of the year in our groups!


Always open – With our new Media Team, you can always count on the information you need to be on the website.

A New Hub – No matter your interest, our media team is working hard to showcase everything the NMLRA and our partners around the country have to offer.