Classes at the NMLRA

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A Passion for learning

The NMLRA is devoted to providing high-quality educational instruction in a great learning environment that inspires both the students and the teachers. The NMLRA Education Building, which opened in 2010, is an ideal facility for historical education and the heritage arts associated with the sport of muzzleloading.

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Are you passionate about the history and heritage of muzzleloading? Do you have some knowledge of a certain aspect of muzzleloading, American history, or heritage arts that you would be willing to share with others eager to learn from you?

We are currently looking for class instructors and program presenters for the Spring National Shoot, the National Championship Shoot, and several other opportunities throughout the year.

It is vital that the history and heritage of muzzleloading be passed on to future generations, and you can help the NMLRA do this by teaching and mentoring others. If you are interested in using your knowledge and skills to help keep muzzleloading and American history alive, please contact the NMLRA office at 812-667-5131